The Giraffes are Coming!

Giraffe Tower
2 min readOct 8, 2021
The Giraffe Tower NFT

When it comes to NFT launches, most discord communities just eye the prize. However, when it comes to The Giraffe Tower, this community goes way beyond the NFT. This community is looking to the future with Community, NFTs, and The Sandbox on the horizon. What community is this? It is The Gary Club which is run on Discord and the Giraffe Tower is just a piece of the community.

What is the Giraffe Tower?

The Giraffe Tower is a collection of 10,000 NFT’s and is part of a larger vision to bring creators together in the community and help them make more money than they ever realized was possible.

Key Facts

  • 10,000 unique, randomly-generated, ERC-721 NFT Giraffe’s
  • 150+ Hand-Drawn Traits
  • Mint price of .05 ETH
  • Mint up to 5 per transaction
  • Launching on 10/22

The Giraffe Tower’s roadmap is a long-term project that will include official merchandise, the Sandbox, babies, a digital learning center, and much more.

What’s on the roadmap:

  • You become part of the Gary Club & Giraffe Tower community of creators that make money!
  • Tower Talks — private events with special guests hosted virtually
  • FREE — Companion VX Avatar for The Metaverse
  • FREE — Baby Giraffe if you have 2 Adult Giraffe
  • $GLEAF Utility Token
  • DAO
  • “Members Only” Learning Portal
  • Giveaways and Prizes
  • And much more that’s unrevealed

Whoa… an Easter Egg Surprise!

If you are the genesis minter (the original token holder) of a giraffe AND you HODL (never sell), when the $GLEAF Machine opens you will be given 50 bonus $GLEAF to get you started on your journey as a HODLer reward. I think you see we like to play games and give surprises!

Just mint a giraffe (or 5) and hold … that’s it!

MINT AND HOLD AND 50 $GLEAF will be waiting for you.

Don’t have a giraffe?

No need to worry.

We want everyone to become a member of Gary Club. You don’t have to own a giraffe to get in on the fun. As long as you are in the discord community, there are ways for you to be involved in events and giveaways. Once The Giraffe Tower launches, a giraffe will be given away every week for a year to those that hold the giveaway role.

We Launch… October 22, 2021!

If you love NFTs,

If you identify as a creator,

If you love to make money,

And especially if you love an epic community,

Then come hang out with us at Gary Club!